Prophetic Ministry


We believe that every believer is able to hear the voice of God and to communicate God’s heart to others.  Therefore, every believer has the ability and the call to prophesy at some level.  Every believer has access God’s power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit  (I Cor 12:7; Acts 2:39).

For more information on how we run our Prophetic Presbyteries and on how to process a word you receive from one of our Prophetic Ministers please Click Here.


To be come a member of our Prophetic Ministry Team you must first complete our basic prophetic course, HEARING GOD’S VOICE, which we run annually here at His People Rosebank.  Once you have completed this course you will be allowed to attend our monthly Prophetic Team trainings.

Once you are attending our monthly trainings we will make you aware of prophetic ministry opportunities, such as our monthly presbyteries in each of our services, so you can use and grow your prophetic gift.

Our next Hearing God’s Voice Course will run from 19 October to 09 November over 4 Wednesday evenings in our next Grow Course Semester.



BAPTISMS – 28 August during all three of our services.

RSVP to Greg –  Include your NAME and the SERVICE you will be assisting with.


Below are the Saturday dates for our Prophetic Team Training for 2016 – 09h00 – 11h00 in our conference room.

NB:  You must have completed our HEARING GOD’S VOICE course to qualify for these trainings.

  • 10 September
  • 15 October


BEGINNING Wednesday 19 October 19h00 – 21h00

Hearing God’s voice will be run over 4 weeks during our next Grow Course semesters starting on 19 October and running for 4 weeks until 09 November.  Keep checking our Grow Course page for more information (Click Here for the Grow Courses page).



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