His People Kids

Our vision is to see lives, communities and society transformed through discipleship in the Word, the presence and the power of God. We go after these three areas using discipleship as our number one methodology. Our discipleship track involves kids experiencing God in 5 main areas, Encounter, Connect, Grow, Reach and Influence.

 The children’s ministry of His People Johannesburg is a priority area as we are a multi-generational community.

 God is passionate about children coming to Him (Matthew 18:14) and will hold the church accountable if it fails to reach and disciple children.  His Spirit is being poured out on children all over the world and we are seeing it here too.

HIs People Kids made up of His Tots for the pre -schoolers, His Kids for the 6-10 year olds and His Disciples for 11-12 year olds. These groups meet in funky, age appropriate venues, and are led by a dedicated team of leaders during both morning services.

 Meetings include praise and worship, Bible teaching, prayer and ministry, and lots of time for fun and fellowship. Small group discipleship models the way kids can also disciple their peers.

 Jozi Lights meets every Friday for the 8-13 year olds at 5 pm, and is the highlight of the week.

 His People Kids does not only comprise the children of members, it is reaching and discipling kids in schools and parks, through connect groups and missions.

 We serve the parents and raise up leaders with a passion for God, Kidz and the vision of our church.

 Don’t fail to bring your kids into the dynamic discipleship culture His People Kids.

 For more information, contact Jonathan and Joanne Pardey on 082 779 0948 or by e-mail: children@hispeoplejoburg.org and check out the Kids website here – http://kids.hispeoplejoburg.org/